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Midea Ductless Mini Splits

Say goodbye to inconsistent, uncomfortable room temperatures. Midea ductless mini split systems provide an efficient, flexible and customizable heating and cooling solution for your home or year-round.

Why Ductless
The Difference Between Hot, Cold & Comfortable

A ductless system, also referred to as a mini split, is an extraordinary HVAC system that can make any room more comfortable. Ductless mini split systems don’t require ductwork, making installation a breeze. Additionally, no ductwork means less precious air loss due to leaky ducts—and a climate-controlled experience delivered directly into one or multiple rooms of your choice.

More Options. More Comfort.
Midea offers multiple ductless solutions that meet a variety of challenges and needs. Choose from a versatile set of unit styles for any room or space.
Make Any Home a Comfortable Home
From new constructions to older homes, maximize whole-home comfort in wide variety of applications. With Midea ductless, you can have it all.