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The Flexibility to Meet All Your Heating & Cooling Needs

Streamlined, flexible design makes mini split systems an ideal solution for a wide variety of spaces and applications. Upgrade specific rooms of your home to provide heating and cooling where you need it most—or retrofit your entire space. With Midea ductless, you can have it all.
New construction and home remodels
Basements, attics, garages, additions
Rooms that are often too hot or too cold
Primary living areas
Single or multi-family
Historic or older homes with no ductwork
Turn Any Space into a Personal Utopia

From new construction to older homes, get customized climate control with single or multi-zone systems.

  • Single zone systems provide comfort for areas with as little as 350 and as much as 3,000 square feet—like small offices and bedrooms, or big living and cooking areas.
  • Multi-zone systems can connect as many as five indoor units to a single outdoor unit—with comfort all around the house, using individual controls for zoning and energy savings.
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