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Ductless Mini Splits Offer Room-by-Room Climate Control

With a Midea ductless system, climate-controlled air is dispersed into your room by an indoor fan coil that is normally attached to a wall or installed in your ceiling. Our mini split systems can provide comfort for a single room, or multiple rooms, with a multi-zone system. So, you can say goodbye to inconsistent, uncomfortable indoor temperatures. And hello to unmatched performance, energy efficiency and in-home innovation you can’t get with some other HVAC systems.

Midea ductless systems offer a combination of high performance, user-friendly features all in one tidy system.

Energy Efficient
  • Energy Star® certified systems can provide long-term energy savings
  • No air loss due to ductwork
  • Energy savings by heating or cooling only spaces that are in use
Easy Installation
  • No need to add additional, expensive ductwork
  • Only requires a small hole in the wall for installation. No cutting or patching drywall.
  • No additional indoor wiring or electrical required
Wi-Fi® Enabled
  • Some units come standard with Wi-Fi connectivity, others are compatible with accessory kits
Quiet Operation
  • Whisper-quiet indoor and outdoor unit options
  • Noise levels as low as 27 decibels
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